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Water Pump Set Workshop

Sunyear water pump sets are suitable for the use of field of sewage treatment, urban construction and agriculture. Driven by either a diesel engine or electric motor base depending on customers’ specifications. Sunyear water pump sets are famous for their excellent performance, compact structure, convenient and stable operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency, high capacity and long life. We have complete product lines for water pumps and can also customize the products to meet customers’ requirements.


Pump Factory of Sunyear

Guangzhou Sunyear Technology Co.,Ltd is a private high-tech company who specializes in manufacturing diesel power machinery, intelligent controllers and diesel engine pump sets. Since the establishment of the company in 1999, we have always insisted on the technical innovation as the core competitiveness of company and obtained remarkable achievements. With great investment, Sunyear successfully developed the AIS(Artificial Intelligence System), Intelligent Controllers and Sunyear Power Intelligent Diesel Driven Equipments.

Fire Pump Set Workshop

Sunyear fire fighting pumps are reliable with constant pressure and variable flow utilising our own designed intelligent control system. Able to supply 0-100%(Max. flow) within 10 seconds, the flow capacity changes but the pressure is constant. Our engineers are the authority on manufacturing and designing fire pumps, coupling this with our professional after-sales service team means our customers can rely on our products.