Digital Pressure Technology For Diesel Engine Pump

1) Application Range of Digital Pressure Technology

Digital constant pressure diesel engine water pump is a kind of constant pressure and constant pressure variable flow device, which lock the pressure of water supply in a direct digital. Based on the intelligent control, the device can lock the pressure directly by digital, which can provide the 0~100% (maximum flow) in the 10s and the system flow can be changed according to the requirement, but the system pressure is constant. Digital constant pressure is a kind of technology that can ensure the work of pressure parameter in the design of water supply system. The technical advantage of a word - the system does not exceed pressure!

2) Working Principle of Digital Pressure Technology

Direct digital control mode to set water supply parameters (outlet pressure, differential pressure, differential pressure, flow head) in the control panel, the transducer on the water pump outlet measure the real-time parameter, by computer digital processor according to the set parameter value function transform and nonlinear correction and fuzzy PID algorithm of closed-loop control of engine speed, precise locking system parameters the (constant pressure, constant pressure, constant flow). In order to achieve the purpose of constant pressure, constant head or constant flow water supply.

Digital Pressure Diesel Engine Pump

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