Explosion-Proof Trailer Pump

Product Description

Explosion-proof trailer pump adopts the explosion-proof housing segments,with national standards(GB3836.2-2010).On the one hand,this kind of pump uses Rotary Pump displacing centrifugal pump, so it don't need to be poured in water like normal self priming, but also don't gennerate spark because of its rubber rotor. On the other hand, it adopts the spring starters for diesel engines which is safe and will not engender fire point, so it it can work all the time in a reliable condition.

Product Features

(1) Spring starters for diesel engines

(2) Self-priming and Non-clogging

(3) Explosion-proof rotary pump

(4) Anti-static



Spring Starter


Spring starters are hand wound, mechanical starter motors. They replace the electric starter motor and allow an engine to be started easily and safely by hand, without a battery or alternator.Spring starters can be used anywhere that a diesel engine needs to be started, whatever the conditions and they can fire up engines from the smallest one cylinder motors to massive generators.



Rotary Pumps are with impact,large capacity self-priming, dry run ability, non-clogging design, so they are widely used in sewage treament plants,waste disposal tankers,construction dewatering and recycling applications. And the properties of Rotary Lobe Pumps are following:

(1) Fluids with solids
(2) Shutdown protection available for low vacuum and over heat
(3) Long operational lifespan and reduce wear
(4) Self priming , ability to run dry for a period of time
(5) Mechanical seals,lobes, and wear plates can be changed on site without disconnecting           suction and discharge fittings.


Technical Explosion-Proof Devices

Explosion-proof sewage pump trailer is designed and manufactured in accordance with the "Zone 2" explosive atmospheres explosion standards and customer requirements.




(1) Head: 0-30m
(2) Suction height: 0-8m
(3) Flow capacity: 250-3000m3/h
(4) Pump: Rotary Pumps
(5) Engine: DEUTZ /Chinese Diesel Engine/as customer’s request
(6) Skid Mounted on Trailer: 2/4 Wheels Trailers

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