Intelligent Control Cabinet for Fire Fighting Water Supply System

Inspection/recording device in to ensure the whole fire fighting system runs stably. The inspection control cabinet is consisted of undustrial computer and feed water control system. The touch-screen industrial computer is with function of programming, program control, showing operation status by charts, autosaving operating data, query history record.

Key features

  1. Showing the operation and action message on the display dire ctly.
  2. Gathering all of the fault information of electric pump and diesel engine, and the time of fault happened and ended, that to save in historical database.
  3. User can set automatic cycle of multiset diesel engines and recording operation data on the touch-screen freely.
  4. It can be enquired the fault distribution at any time, in order to analyze, maintain and so on.
  5. When there is a fire signal inputted in inspection process, the inspection system will stop running automatically and save the real-time status of each pump set.

Monitoring Functions

  1. Monitoring the water level of fire pool

               Showing the water level of pool in digits directly(it can be changed to show in cubic                meter). Setting many points of high/low water level alarm.

  1. Foam monitor jockey pump under wing
  • The pressure testing of water supply system, pressure setting of multilevel control, jockey pump ON/OFF, all datas can be realized remote monitoring like controlling in turn, main pump, attached pump controlling, digital display voltage and current.
  • Uploading the operation parameters of each pump to computer and keep the file for a long time.
  • The system can be set freely via manual operation , automation, remote control, and the automatic inspection method also can be set(The user can set the time to open relief valve automation, simulate the pipeline pressure drop, start the fire fighting pump set automatically, read data of fire fighting pump set with a load and keep in a file).
  1. Foam water supply system jockey pump(the functions are like “2”
  2. Monitoring the diesel engine pump set
  • Testing diesel engine pumo set datas in static standby condition: battery voltage, temperature of diesel engine, quantity of fuel and connection of each sensors.
  • Inspecting each pump set regularly.(Gicing an order from inspection system: open the pressure relief valve, then order the fire fighting pump set starting under load and test the operation datas of pump set: head, flow capacity and other datas.)
  • According to the instruction from fire protection control center, to control one set, or multiset pump to start and monitor the operation process and save the operation datas.

Logic control of inspection

Automatic Indpection: When the inspection system gives an order, open the electric pressure relief valve on pipeline, then order the jockey pump set and booster pump to start under load, the load time of electric pump is not less than 2 min and load time of diesel engine fire pump is not less than 5 min. Finishing the inspection and shut down of the first pump, then start the second pump set, at the same time, test the datas of each pump set and save the datas. If the pump set has fault category and time. The inspection prompt cycle can be set as required. When there is a fire happens, it will change into fire state automatically.

Manual Inspection: Switch the button to Manual, it will be manual inspection. The user can operate the buttons on the panel, then you can start each pump to inspect under load and just press stop button to stop. And record the pump set operation condition by manual.

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