The Diesel Engine Pump Of Our Company Exports to Angola Completed Successfully

In August 31, 2015, the diesel engine pump that our company exports to Angola completed successfully. The sunyear technology factory ushered the China Electronics Import and Export Corporation staff for the acceptance work of the diesel pump sets export to Angola. According to the GB27898.5 and GB6245 requirements, they carefully verify the test of the 42 parameters of the diesel pump set, which are both up to two national standards. As a result, the diesel pump set got the acceptance.  They will be exported to Angola in 10 Sep. ,2015.

In 2011, China Electronics Import and Export Corporation signed 2 five-year agricultural development project contracts with Agriculture and Rural Development of Angola. Aftert, they developed ten thousand hectares of land in Angola Cunene and Moxico province, and purchased 4 diesel pump from our company to apply in the Camelia farming area development Project. This is the first foreign agricultural project contract signed by our company. It is not only a posit
ive and meaningful attempt for us, but also an important driving force to promote the economic development of Angola and the improvement of agricultural level.

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