EMAC Successfully Completed 4 Units Water Pump Engine Power Packs Order

Recently, EMAC had finished the order with its France client for 4 units water pump engine power packs, all of the engines are manufactured by Huachai Deutz. Huaschai Deutz, established in 1970, is affiliated with CNGC North General Power Group Co., Ltd., which is a professional manufacturer of diesel engine for dual purpose for military and commercial application. The main products are manufactured under the license of Deutz AG, included B/FL413F/513 series air cooling engine and BFM1015 series, TCD2015 series and HC4132 water cooling diesel engine. Huachai Deutz is the sole manufacturer of BFM1015 series and TCD2015 series diesel engines with the authority from German Deutz in the world. For the advantage of small volume, compact 90 degree V cylinder layout, light weight, low fuel consumption, low noise, high adaptability and reliability, Deutz engines produced by Huachai are ideal for heavy trucks, luxury bus, special vehicles, construction machinery, petroleum equipment, generators and marine, power between 150kW and 320kW. For more information, you can check our website:www.huachai-deutz.com.
3 units engines of them are BF8M1015CP-LAG1B(477KW at 1800rpm), with 8 cylinders, V type. Another unit is HC12V1322L-LAG2B(740kw at 1800rpm), with 12 cylinders V type, which researched and developed by Huachai Deutz based on Germany BF8M series. In fact all of the 4units engines are used for generator application which cooling system is by radiator.Considering the confined space on site EMAC technical team changed the original radiator cooling system to vertical heat exchanger cooling system in order to avoid the poor heat dissipation to affect the normal operation of engine. According to the customer's demand, all the engines are equipped with a full speed governor for all kinds of working conditions.
EMAC continues to provide professional, tailored and economic solutions to its customers and focuses on the commissioning, design, supply and installation of quality products as well as providing second to none pre and after-sales service. As for the clients whose main demands are water pumps, EMAC can provide the best solutions via professional analysis, also complete set of engine power pack. EMAC is dedicated to offer the most professional and comprehensive service to our clients according to their different on-site situations.
More details about the order you can browse the video that we have uploading on Youtube : https://youtu.be/RN4PYfIupe4

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