About Us

water pump and fire pump manufacturer      Guangzhou Sunyear Technology Co.,Ltd is a private high-tech company who specializes in manufacturing diesel power machinery, intelligent controllers and diesel engine pump sets. Since the establishment of the company in 1999, we have always insisted on the technical innovation as the core competitiveness of company and obtained remarkable achievements. With great investment, Sunyear successfully developed the AIS(Artificial Intelligence System), Intelligent Controllers and Sunyear Power Intelligent Diesel Driven Equipments.

      After the Wenchuan Earthquake, we took the situation into considerration. In order to change the backward and poor adaptability of emergency rescue technique, the military idea was added into the emergency and disaster releasing equipment by our engineers. Then three kinds of dedicated devices as the Global Pioneer were developed in 2002, including military generator car, high power diesel trailer pump and multifunctional diesel water pump.They attracted much attention when they were put into market, and they were applied to college, government, petrochemical company and so on.

    Under the circumstance of the global omplementation od energy conservation and emissions reduction, our company dedicated in developing effective and innovative mechanical and electrical products, which depend on our achievement in internal combustion engine drag devices with intelligent contorl system. Then we have successfully developed the electric car extender and orbital welding machine dedicated generators in 2011, that was weell recognized and received for its energy efficient and emission reduction feature.

      In the future, Sunyear will firmly stick to the quality commitment, and steadily go ahead for our tenet. It’s our highest honor to achieve mutual development and greater success with old and new customer together.