Main Application of the Fire Fighting Pump

It's known to all, the fire fighting pump is widely used in our production and living, such as in water treatment, fire safety and other department. After the reform and opening up, with its advantage full seal, without leakage and corrosion etc., they are widely used in life and production. Because in terms of transportation and storage showed its excellent features, popular in the market.


In people's common sense, the fire fighting pump is mainly used for fire water supply system, as the system will be an essential fire equipment, fire pump has a simple structure, stable performance characteristics, and because of its high speed, the volume is relatively small, but the efficiency indeed high, it is precisely because of these advantages of high performance, low energy, fire pumps, safety and efficiency are far ahead in the use of the pipeline tool.


However, the fire pump applications not only in the fire protection system, fire pump is gradually varied in terms of industrial production and construction of the city, showing its superior strength. Among these include the implementation and expansion of industrial and urban water supply and drainage, high-rise building wins water at a pressure of high-end technology. Of course, ultimately, we know long-distance water, we may ignore these aspects are inseparable from the fire pump applications. Even in the bathroom heating and boiler heating and water cycles, but also rely on a number of practical type of auxiliary fire pump.


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Fire Fighting Pump

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