The preparations before the diesel fire pump come into use

The diesel fire pump of Sunyear is electromechanical integration equipment which was produced by Sunyearitself, and it can replace motor directly as the prime mover of the water pump.This intelligent electromechanical integration equipment is a high-tech product that combined the microelectronics technology, the digital technology, the computer technology, the information processing technology, the industrial automation control technology, the communication technology and the mechanical technology.


Diesel Fire Pump

The diesel fire pump is quite complicated while compared with the electric pump, and we need to make the relevant preparationsand inspections before it comes into use. Guangzhou Sunyear Technology Co.,Ltd is a private high-tech enterprise by specializing in the diesel fire pump, the intelligent diesel water pump and some other engines which were driving the research of the intelligent control, the development and manufacturing of the emergency equipment. Here is a detailed summary about the preparations before the diesel fire pump come into use:
1.Turn the crankshaftabout 5 times before start when the pump is brand new or haven’t work for a long time.
2. Check whether there is sufficient water in the tank, and it should be connected to water if the pump has an open-cyclecooling system.
3. Check whether the voltmeter shows 24V, if less than that, try to figure out the reason and troubleshooting timely.
4. Pump fuel to the fuel system with the hand pump on the fuel pump and loosen the deflating nail at the same time to eliminate the air on the fuel system. When there is no more gas out, tighten the screw and then continue pump the fuel until it reach the fuel return pipe, and finally tighten the hand pump.
5. Check whether the engine fire pump parts are normal or all accessories are in a reliable connection and then eliminate the anomalies.
6. Check whether the oil is in the provisions level in the oil pan, the injection pump or the governor. If oil was found inadequate, should be added the same type of oil to it.
7. Loosen the high-pressure hose connector nuts in turn on each cylinder injector; put the speed controller in the running position; turn the engine and eliminate the air inside the high-pressure pipeline.The preparations before the diesel fire pump comes into service are very important. We hope all the users can pay more attention to it and be safe.

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