Three Unfavorable Conditions in the Development of Submersible Pump

Although in recent years, the price of labor has run up in a degree in our country, the RMB continued rise and the price of the export product has increased accordingly, our submersible pump still has significant cost advantages compared with the product from Europe and the United States and other developed countries, because they sales the same products in a several times price. As the development of R&D and the improvement of the manufacturing process in submersible pump, the continuous improvement of the technology and the quality of the product, the prospects for submersible pump export is very huge.
But at the same time, our submersible pump exist some shortage compared with other developed countries like Europe and the United States. Here are the three unfavorable conditions in the development of submersible pump:
(1)Compared with foreign advanced enterprises, the technological levels of industry in our country still exists some gaps.
(2)The fluctuation of the raw material price and the rising of labor cost bring some adverse impacts to the development of submersible pump.
(3)The rising of RMB exchange rate pressured on exports

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