Centrifugal Fire Pump for Myanmar China Pipeline Project.

On May 24th, 2012, SUNYEAR signed the diesel engine fire pump supply contract with the contractor who is responsible for Myanmar China petroleum pipeline project. Four intelligent diesel engine fire pump sets and four Constant Flow/Check Valves have been supplied.

The model of fire pumps are following. Two sets are cooling water pump sets XBC 18.5/330 and two sets are foam fire pump sets XBC 20/300. Both of these two models are adopted the diesel engine whose rated power is 970kw as the power.

These four intelligent diesel engine fire pump sets have the techniques as follows.
1.Network Remote Control. The remote boot, operation monitor, remote control and dynamic inspection
can be achieved at the same time.

2.To achieve water-water cooling of engine by using the water of pump. Cooling water tank and fan unit are not required, and it can be applied to basement that does not be equipped with dedicated ventilation.

3.Management of double battery sets. It can detect the validity of two sets batteries online and two batteries can work in turns automatically, that is to ensure the power supply and to increase the service life of batteries.

4.Innovative flow detection technology(National invention patent license). Flow indication and flow overload protection can be achieved without flowmeter.

5.Automatic control of engine revolution speed(National invention patent license).It can meet the requirement of engine idle start/stop and process adjusting speed.

6.Constant Flow/Check Valve(National invention patent license). It is a multifunctional valve with functions of holding pressure valve,constant pressure valve, dynamic flow adjusting valve, resistance hammer, check valve, remote closing valve and so on. Application of this Constant Flow/Check Valve can save a lot of investment cost and installation space.

It is the first time that the domestic diesel engine fire pump sets have been applied to key overseas investment of China. It is also the greatest diesel engine fire pumps in China at present. In order to ensure quality, on the one hand, SUNYEAR transformed own test station accordingly to meet the requirement of on-line testing. On the other hand, we authorized China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Fixed Fire-extinguishing Systems and Fire-resisting Building Components for the third party
on-line testing of products. From September 29th to October 2nd , 2012, all products were identified by the third party testing agency which meet the national standards and design requirements.

On December 26th, 2013, all products were sent to Myanmar site to finish their duty. This project plays an important role in strengthening the China-Myanmar relations. It is also an opportunity for SUNYEAR to show the comprehensive abilities of developing, manufacturing and testing the diesel engine water pumps.

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