Diesel Drag Emergency Equipments for Disaster Relief Project

After the Wenchuan earthquake, the government sent a array of generator sets to disaster sites at once,but the generator sets could not start up because the starter batteries was out of work due to long term storage.The government took this situation into consideration and planned to procure a batch of equipment, which can be put into use at any time through open tender. After extensively tested and debugged by the government, we finally won the bid and the excellent strengths of our products are following:

1. This pump set can be put into use at any time,and it also can work in hostile environments such as extremely high or low temperature,dust storm and so on.

2. Maintenance-Free, Fully intelligent control which do not be operated by professionals.

3. Small dimension with high sewage capacity,light weight and movable. We have been focused on development and manufacturing of diesel drag emergency equipments,its advanced technology, innovative, high reliability advantages make us lie a leading position in domestic.

      In the implementation process of this project, with the mature technology and rich experience of diesel pump unit control system, we focus primarily on the vehicle trailer, its suction pipe selection and its quick connector design.After acceptance and putting into use, it has been very well received. We will continue to work hard to fulfill any needs of customers.

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