The Self-Developed Explosion-Proof Diesel Trailer Pump for Qingyang Petrochemical Company

        The self-developed explosion-proof diesel trailer pump ZHB125-3/41.7(for Qingyang Petrochemical Company )of Sunyear was completed on October 11st,2013.
Self-Developed Plosion-Proof Diesel Trailer Pump -1     Explosion-proof trailer pump adopts the explosion-proof housing segments, with national standards(GB3836.2-2010).On the one hand, this kind of pump uses Rotary Pump displacing centrifugal pump, so it doesn’t to be poured in water like the normal self priming pump, but also it can’t create spark because of its rubber rotor. On the other hand, it adopts the spring starters for diesel engines which is safe and will not engender fire point, so it can work all the time in a reliable condition.

Self-Developed Plosion-Proof Diesel Trailer Pump -2       The acceptance results indicated that the capacity is 150m³/h, head is more than 30 meter sand suction is more than 8 meters. As the aspect of explosion safety, except the whole static tests, other parts do not need to be tested because of excellent quality. At the same time, it has been very well received by all users.

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