Characteristics of self – priming sewage centrifugal pump

1. Self-priming sewage pump with double-vane impeller structure, greatly improving the dirt through capacity
2. The seal of Self-priming sewage pump mechanical using a new type of friction pairs, and it will be run long-term in the oil room.
3. The overall structure is compact, small size and low noise, the maintenance and replacement are very easy for the user. Energy-saving effect is also remarkable,
4. Automatic control system could control hyperactivity and stop of the pump according to the changes of required liquefaction without special care, the use of the pump is extremely convenient;
5. Installation could according to the needs of the user , it is greatly convenient to install, repair. People do not have to enter the sump;
6. The pump can be used within the design range, and ensure that the motor is not overloaded
7. Self-priming sewage pump is with outdoor motor, So you do not need to build a pump room. It can be installed directly and save money.
Self-absorption performance of the stainless steel explosion-proof self-priming sewage pump is very reliable, and it is also easy to use and maintenance.
The Applicable occasions of  stainless steel explosion-proof self-priming sewage pump:
It widely used in municipal sewage engineering, Pond manure processing, sedimentation waste ore impurities, light industry, paper, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, power, materials and so on

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