Common fault analysis and maintenance of multiple-stage centrifugal pump (ONE)

1, Structure characteristic of multiple-stage centrifugal pump
Common used multiple-stage centrifugal pump basic structure can be divided into sectional type and multilevel series type. The characteristic of sectional type is every level was composed of impeller; the impeller was located in diffuser cover. The diffuser and connecting rod was connected via bolt. Every level connected in series and fixed by dead lever. The advantages are high pressure resistant and uneasy leakage. When repairing, the entrance pipe must be tear down and the assemble process is hard. Suction Chamber of sectional multi-stage pump is mostly of toroidal. Impeller delivery chamber of every level because of the heliced structure, the transformation of Liquid kinetic energy into pressure energy is high. The first stage impeller of multistage pump was generally designed into double-sided impeller; the rest was designed into single suction impeller. For high temperature, large flow and easy to produce cavitation medium should be so. For high pressure pump, mono-layer pump shell can’t bear its pressure, so we generally apply the double-layer and design it into tube structure. It can bear higher pressure and the horizontal split-case and sectional type rotor was installed in it.

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