How to Choose Pump

In recent years, with the adjustment of agricultural structure, the farmers take advantage of low hills and gentle slope wasteland resources, large-scale development of efficient agriculture, but these plots are often difficult to gravity irrigation. Need to buy pumps for irrigation. So, how to choose a suitable agricultural pumps have become the farmer's problems need to be addressed ? Following tips can be used by farmers for the reference.

First, purchase pumps according to local conditions. There are three types common agricultural pumps, namely, centrifugal pump, axial pump and mixed flow pumps. Higher centrifugal pump head, but the water is not suitable for irrigation and mountainous region; a larger axial pump out water, but not too high lift, suitable for use plain areas; the mixed-flow pump head between the water and the centrifugal pump and between the axial flow pump is suitable for use plain and hilly areas. The user wants the optional height according to local conditions, water sources and water lift.

Secondly, choose an appropriate excessive pump. After determining the type of pump, to consider their economic performance, with particular attention to and supporting the head and flow of the pump power of choice. It must be noted on the label indicate the lift pump (total head) and water lift (the actual head) use when there is a difference, that there will be some resistance loss due to the flow through pipes and tubing at nearby input. Therefore, the actual head than the general 10% -20% of the total head low, the water is also reduced. Therefore, the actual use, the label can only be 80% to 90% of the note head and flow estimates, pumps auxiliary power option, according to the sign indicated power options, in order to make quick and safe pump start, the power machine can also be slightly larger than the pump power required is generally higher than about 10% is appropriate; if you already have the power, buy pumps, you can choose the pump according to the pump driving pump.

Thirdly, choose the pumps with strict procedures. Assurance when purchasing pumps "three cards," that permit the promotion of agricultural machinery, production license and product inspection certificate, only three certificates complete phase-out then you can avoid purchasing of the eliminating or inferior products.

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