Diesel Fire Pump Operation Cautions

The structures of diesel engine fire pumps are more complex than electric pumps, so there is a lot of tedious checking steps before operation accordingly. The following is a detailed summary of the list of supplies needed for diesel engine fire pump.
1. Before the new diesel engine fire pump or the pump that has not been used for a long time is used, the crankshafts of them must be turned about five rounds.
2. To check whether there is sufficient water tank with water, if the open-cycle cooling system should be connected to water.
3. To check whether the voltmeter on the control cabinet shows for 24V,if less than 24V should be promptly identified the reasons for troubleshooting.
4. To inject the fuel oil into the fuel system with the hand pump on the fuel oil transfer pump, and unscrew the vent screw on the fuel oil injection pump at the same time to remove the air in the fuel system, when there is no gas out, tighten the screws, and then continue to pump oil until the fuel oil return pipe, finally be tighten hand pump.
5. To check whether the diesel engine parts is normal, the attachment is reliable connection, and eliminate the abnormal phenomenon.
6. To check the oil pan, the injection pump and governor of the oil within the provisions of whether the location of oil, if the fuel oil was found inadequate, should be added to the same type of oil.
7. To loosen the high-pressure hose connector nut on the uniform of the injectors in turn, and place
the governor handle on running position of diesel engine, then turn the diesel engine to discharge the air in the high-pressure tubes.

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